Glen Grant Duncan Taylor NC2 22 Year Old Single Malt Scotch

This scotch was distilled in 1987 and aged for 22 years before being bottled and shipped out. This is a prime example of a natural Scotch. There is no chillfiltration or added coloring. This is a completely natural drink. The hand selected casks have added a very unique flavor native to this particular distillery. This Speyside scotch comes in at 46% alcohol. I personally quite enjoyed the drink. It’s very mature and has lots of interesting tastes you don’t get in your big box brand scotches. I found notes of fruit, strawberries, caramel, apple and some mild sweetness. The spice really offsets the fruit with lots of nutmeg and ginger nose and finish. At about $100 for a bottle it’s a good choice if you want something that’s hard to come by every day. I would buy again!

22 Year Single Malt Scotch

Glen Grant Duncan Taylor NC2

The Glenrothes 1994 Vintage

I purchased this speyside single malt scotch for $71 US dollars at my local liquor store in 2012. The unconventional bottle caught my attention and I wanted to be adventurous so I gave this 18 year old drink a shot. Surprisingly I found this scotch whiskey to be very average in it’s class, nothing particularly special about it. Don’t get me wrong, it was great in terms of being a smooth finish and crisp dry. The aftertaste is pleasant and it’s a very gentle drink.

Beyond being a little bit cheaper than most 18 year old scotches, it was really unremarkable when compared with the other common scotches around this price point. If you want a good scotch and this is available, grab it. It will be a great scotch. However if you want to be adventurous, there is no adventure to be found here. The bottle is different, but the scotch isn’t.

A solid speyside single malt scotch, but nothing special within it's class.

A solid speyside single malt scotch, but nothing special within it's class.