Who are you?

I’m just a guy enjoying drinks and posting experiences on the internet.

Why do you do this?

I wanted a place to post all of the drinks I try. I didn’t want to use a public service since there is never a guarantee that the service will be maintained. I have resources to run my own service and it’s on me to stay online. I added this blog to one of my servers after purchasing the domain name drinkinspector.com

What’s up with these ratings?

I have developed my own rating system based on the traditional 100 points. However the range of ratings will vary by letter category. This is why you may see a rating like 93E or 87M and 95L. So what are the letters?

  • S = Special, these are drinks which are in excess of $250 USD per bottle.
  • L = Luxury, these are drinks at a price in excess of $100 USD per bottle.
  • M = Midrange, these are drinks at a price in excess of $35 USD per bottle.
  • E = Everyday, these are table wines or other affordable drinks < $35 USD per bottle.

Why is this important and why are there classes? The reason is simple. There are great bottles suitable for everyday drinking that can’t really compare with a high end bottle. Just like it’s unfair to compare a Ferrari with a Toyota, we don’t want to unfairly ding our drinks by comparing them to other classes.

What’s the range of points? Week to five simple ranges:

  • 90+ – Outstanding, a superior representative of the class or varietal.
  • 80-90 – Good, the benchmark to judge the class or varietal against.
  • 70-80 – Acceptable, underperforms against its class or varietal.
  • 60-70 – Mediocre, fails to represent it’s class or varietal.
  • <60 – Poor, these drinks can not be recommended for consumption.

Your ratings are bad and you should feel bad!

My taste for wine has developed to crave complexity and boldness, not subtly. With scotch I love anything Sherry or Port casked. This applies to every type of drink. Please understand scoring is entirely subjective!

I don’t care if you’re the leading authority on wine, your scoring is subjective. If you look at my scores and agree with them, we probably have similar tastes! If you think I’m off my rocker, we don’t.

Ultimately it’s up to you to find a reviewer who’s ratings align with your tastes!

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